Always following the manufacturer's directions on floor care and use quality wood floor products.

Use felt or other fabric glides on the legs of all furniture. 

Avoid sliding heavy furniture and appliances across a floor. Pick them up if possible or move by placing them on a piece of thick carpet placed face down.

Direct sunlight can cause wood floors to fade or change color over time. Use drapes, curtains or blinds to limit sunlight exposure.

Excess moisture is your floor's worst enemy. Wipe spills immediately, and if there is wood flooring in the kitchen, place a rug in front of the sink.

All hardwood floors experience some expansion and contraction as the seasons and levels of humidity change. Using a humidifier or dehumidifier in conjunction with climate control with maintain your home's relative humidity.



Dirt, dust and grit can cause dulling and scratches in the finish. Sweep, dust mop or vacuum regularly, but never vacuum with the beater bars operating.

Use doormats at all exterior entrances to trap dirt and clean them regularly. 

Do not use a wet mop to clean your floor. Instead, use cleaning products such as Glista Clean or Bona designed for hardwood flooring. Lightly spray cleaner directly onto the floor or a terry cloth mop mad before wiping the surface.

Wipe the floor lengthwise over the floor strips in a forward-and-back motion moving with the grain of the wood.